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Zsîros is a boss fought in the Servant Quarters ET in Lunar Shadow ZER0. After being defeated by Evan O Niell, it was later replaced by Project G (aka Grialdyn).




Lunar Shadow ZER0

After completing the Cursed Warehouse, the Laboratory and the Lunar Soul, Evan O Niell fights Zsîros and destroys it. Doing so allows him to get a gem of sacred light required for one of the puzzles in the Lunar Soul.

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  • Zsiros is a Hungarian word which can be translated as "fat", "fatty", "oily" or "greasy" in English. This may've been unintentional.
  • Ariâ, Élea, Ýggdræl and Zsîros are the only characters in Lunar Shadow ZER0 to have accented names.
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