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XYZ is the boss of the Entrance and the first boss of Lunar Shadow as a whole. If the player returns later on, they can fight it's ghost form which is called XYZ EX.

XYX has two forms, both with mechanical appearances. The first form remains underground though'll it'll emerge and fire projectiles. It's EX form is above ground and fires out mechanical looking objects. According to The Guardian Beasts, XYZ is a pet of Shinica and may have more than 2 forms.

Defeating this boss unlocks a Life Pot at the treasury, but only if the two witches have been met in the Laboratory.


  • Jump: XYZ will emerge out of the ground and start jumping around.
  • Projectiles: XYZ will open it's mouth and spit out gears that can be dodged or shot down.
  • Floaty Gears: XYZ EX will fire out mechanical looking objects that move quickly.
  • Limited Gear Works: Once it's health gets low, it'll fire out gears while moving.

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  • Its name is a reference to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, namely Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL which introduced Xyz Summoning. It's Limited Gear Works attack is a reference to the Unlimited Blade Works which originated in Fate/stay night.
  • The AI used in the first form is Omega's, while the second form uses the AI of Night Ghost.
  • It was confirmed by Cibryll on 12/12/20 that Xydia Horton was turned into XYZ.  
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