Being a mod, Lunar Shadow has gone through several versions. For the most part, the core game has been kept the same but some things were either altered or outright replaced during the creation of new versions.

Version 0 (Beta)

Initially released on 16 January 2015; ended at the boss room of the Entrance area with Igor as a "boss"

Version 1

1a) Released on 17 January 2015; had fifteen Entrance rooms (out of seventeen) and had the actual boss of the area, Xyz.

1b) Released on 17 January 2015; fixed a major bug in the starting screen which prevented one from leaving the house.

Version 2

Released on 19 January 2015; had all the Entrance and Laboratory rooms.

Version 3

Released on 19 February 2015; had Entrance, Laboratory, Reservoir, Tower and Servant Quarters areas.

From this version onward, the Super Missile Launcher and the Missile Launcher cannot be obtained.

Version 4

Released on 29 December 2015, is the most complete version at this point.