Valkyrie Horton is a character in Lunar Shadow.


Valkyrie has auburn hair that reaches her waist, green eyes and (likely due to being poisoned) pale purple skin.


Valkyrie wears a black dress with what appears to be a black bodysuit. Over her mouth and nose is some kind of mask.

Other Information

Valkyrie was a secretary at Yes Town's primary school.


Lunar Shadow ZERO

Valkyrie was kidnapped by Ciel Sorcière and taken to the castle where the Castle Master was. This led to her husband, Evan O'Neill, going to the castle to save her; this eventually ended up in his death at the hands of the Castle Master himself.

Lunar Shadow

While Serenity Horton is traveling through the Servant Quarters, a mechanical being called "Valkyrie X" attacked. After a tough battle, Serenity destroyed the mechanical being, and freed Valkyrie, who was floating above the ground. She was in a lot of pain, having been poisoned for almost two years by the Castle Master. She was also made immortal through a spell, though only those of Valkyrie's blood - such as her daughter, Serenity - could kill her.

Later on, the Castle Master's sister tells Serenity that Valkyrie was, in fact, a Newerthian Valkyrie, making her children Valkyries as well.


  • Valkyrie is unable to see Life Capsules.
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