Valerie Horton is a character in Lunar Shadow.


Valerie has red back-length hair and fair skin. Her eye color is unknown due to her Double Early Taint, but she has scars over both her eyes. Before her Taint activated, Valerie had mismatched eyes - a red eye and a sky blue eye.


Valerie wears a purple sleeveless minidress with black opera gloves and tights, and brown shoes.

Other Information

Despite having a Double Taint, Valerie can still see outlines of things; it is currently speculated to be aura vision.
  • Valerie has a purple outline; the darker the purple is, the less health she has.
  • Enemies have a red outline. The darker the red is, the less health they have. The lower the saturation, the less of a threat they are - a saturation of 240 equals "major threat". The same applies to enemy attacks.
  • Allies have a green outline. The darker the green, the less health they have.
  • Allies' attacks have a yellow outline. The darker the yellow, the weaker the attack.
  • The terrain has a blue outline. Light blue is used for foreground objects, while dark blue is used for background objects.

Valerie's parents, Ladislaw Smit and Xydia Horton, were turned into monsters by a person affiliated with the Castle Master at the time, Aidan Flamberge. It is currently unknown who, exactly, is responsible.


Prior to Lunar Shadow

At the age of four, Valerie's Taint activated.

Lunar Shadow

Valerie can make her first appearance in the Servant Quarters and save Serenity Horton from getting killed by Alexis Flamberge, assuming Shinica Horton did not get healed after Serenity's battle with Grialdyn.


  • Valerie is currently the youngest Horton to appear in canon.
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