The Top Floor is one of the many areas accessible within the Lunar Soul Castle.

General Information


Top Floor map.

The Top Floor is the final mandatory area in Lunar Shadow. With an ominous red sky outside, the castle's throne room is located in this area. Top Floor SQ exits to the Servant Quarters, while Top Floor LC exits to the central Tower. Top Floor CZ exits to the Confusion Zone, which cannot be accessed until after the defeat of the Castle Master.


  • Life Capsules: these only appear outside of 3-HP mode. In 3-HP mode, they don't appear at all.
    • One is hidden at Top Floor O, increasing maximum HP by 11.
    • One is found at Top Floor LC, increasing maximum HP by 7.
  • Life Pot: four can be found at the Top Floor Throne Room.
  • Mana for the Acidic Bubble Spell: treasure chests containing these can only be obtained when the spell is learned.
    • A treasure chest increases the mana for it by 5. It is found at Top Floor XY.




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