Solar Shadow is a non canon fan-game created by Pteriforever. It was first released on August 1st, 2015.


2022: The Curse of the Castle Masters is unbound from the Castle Master and released on the world. In a related incident, Serenity Horton is killed. The Curse brought Serenity back as Shadow Serenity.

2023: The Curse begins corrupting people who wronged Serenity Horton. Its first victim was unknown.

2024: Selena Daria is taken. She wakes up at 6 PM with several years of missing memories. She has until 3PM before she ends up becoming Shadow Selena.


The game is roughly grouped into four areas, although they do not have proper names:

Area Name Description Additional Notes
Woods It's a bright green area filled with trees. The only obstacle in the stage are spikes.
Castle A ruined castle-like area made up of old grey bricks. The poison gas will kill Selena if she stands in it for 3 seconds.
Dark Woods A drab looking area filled with patches of metal. The metal blocks in the level generate timed lasers.
Red Caverns It's a closed cavern with red rocks dotting the area. The area is linear and has blocks that fall from the ceiling.


The following characters appear in Solar Shadow.

Name Gender Race Notes
Selena Daria van der Merwe Female Human
Serenity Horton Female Human
Shadow Serenity Female Human

Time System

The game starts at 6PM, and the clock advances by one hour every 25 seconds. A bad ending is reached momentarily after the clock hits 3AM, with the total time available being 3:47. The time also causes the game to be overlaid with different colours as the night goes on, and some endings are time-sensitive.


  • This work has six endings. Out of all of them, the Diabolical ending is the easiest one to get because it requires you to do nothing.
  • Ending 4 is considered the canon ending though it implies that Solar Shadow was the imagination of a drunken Selena Daria.
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