Shinica Horton is a main character in Lunar Shadow.


Shinica has blonde, shoulder-length hair and purple eyes. She has fair skin.


Her outfit, in Lunar Shadow, consists of a blue sleeveless midriff-baring top, dark blue jeans, blue socks and brown shoes. She also wears blue elbow-length gloves.

Other Information

Shinica is armed with a staff.


Prior to Lunar Shadow

She was taken away from her family at birth by the Castle Master, and raised by him and his sister. Shinica was led to believe that Luna was her older sister, though Luna knew the truth.

Lunar Shadow

Shinica makes several appearances, the earliest possible encounter being either at the Entrance, or at the Laboratory.

At Servant Quarters ET, after Serenity Horton defeats Grialdyn, Shinica will appear, but be injured by Grialdyn. If given a Life Pot, she will reveal some information and ask if she could have Invidia (assuming Serenity still has it). She will later appear in the Servant Quarters and save Serenity from the Castle Master's sister.

At the Reservoir, she is first encountered with Luna and a mermaid; she says nothing, but a monster is summoned. After Serenity defeats it, they are missing. In the next room, if Serenity obtains Misery's End, she appears again, followed by Irving. After Irving transforms, Shinica tries to defeat it using magic, to no avail; she has Serenity take care of it instead.

She also appears in Tower RR with Ignis du Blaze later on; Sycor challenges Serenity and transforms them into monsters. After Sycor's second defeat, they are returned to normal.

She, along with Luna, are bosses at the Top Floor, though this battle can be skipped by battling Alexis Flamberge first. If this battle is skipped, it is learned that Shinica and Serenity are twin sisters; thus, Serenity will refuse to fight. Luna reveals that this is in fact true, and Shinica leaves in rage. In the event that the battle is not skipped, Shinica and Luna are both slain by Serenity; in both cases, the gateway to the Myst Zone is unlocked.

If the boss fight was skipped, she can be found with Valerie Horton in the underground area of the house. After Serenity speaks to Valerie, she learns that Xyz and Sycor were, in fact, Xydia Horton and Ladislaw Smit, Valerie's parents. Serenity then speaks to Shinica, who wishes her luck. It is currently uncertain if Alexis has to be saved to encounter this optional cutscene.


  • Shinica is unable to see Life Capsules.
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