Shana is a character appearing in the Lunar Shadow Project, and a protagonist in Selenic Shadow.


Shana had long red hair, green eyes and fair skin. In her transformed state, her eyes become red and her hair become lighter red.


Shana wears a short-sleeved red shirt with a red skirt, maroon tights and brown shoes. In her transformed state, her clothing becomes lighter in color.

Other Information

Shana gave Invidia to Serenity Horton.


Lunar Shadow ZERO

Shana is first seen in Yes Town, transforming when the Castle Master made his decree. However, he and Ciel Sorcière teleported away and Evan O'Neill went after them to the Lunar Soul Castle.

Selenic Shadow

Shana takes over as protagonist after Selena Daria van der Merwe dies.


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