The Servant Quarters is the fifth area accessible within the Lunar Soul Castle.

General Information


Servant Quarters map.

The Servant Quarters is a large area that cannot initially be accessed from the castle entrance, thus requiring a detour through the Laboratory, Reservoir and Tower.

Servant Quarters K is locked up with three switches, each switch requiring a specific key. Using the key on the wrong switch results in an immediate death. Servant Quarters RR has three password-protected doors.

Servant Quarters ET has exits to Entrance SQ and Tower SQ. Servant Quarters DI has an exit to the Top Floor. There are Warp Doors found at Servant Quarters DR, RR and SP.


  • Arcanum: found at Servant Quarters Y with 30 ammo. It cannot be obtained if the player has Arcanum Infinity.
  • Life Capsules: these only appear outside of 3-HP mode. In 3-HP mode, they don't appear at all.
    • One is found at Servant Quarters Y, increasing maximum HP by 3.
    • One is found at Servant Quarters RR, increasing maximum HP by 2.
    • One is found at Servant Quarters RR, increasing maximum HP by 7.
  • Save Disk: unobtainable. It is possible that it used to be obtainable at Servant Quarters T in a beta release.



The passwords are:

  • Down, Left, Up, Right, B, Start, A, Up, Down, Start, Left
  • Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, Left, Right, Down
    • This unlocks the door to the Sea Zone.
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start



  • One of the passwords reference the Konami Code.
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