Serenity Horton is the main protagonist of Lunar Shadow.


Serenity has reddish-brown shoulder-length hair with a green eye; her left eye is missing due to her Taint. She has a scar over her left eye. She has fair skin.


Her default attire in Lunar Shadow consists of a sapphire blue shirt with a right sleeve, and no left sleeve; a dark sky blue knee-length skirt, lavender tights and gold-colored Mary-Jane shoes. She covers her left hand with a dark blue elbow-length glove.

After the events of Lunar Shadow, she wears a white medical eyepatch.


Lunar Shadow ZERO

Serenity remained in Yes Town while her father, Evan O'Neill, tried to rescue her mother, Valkyrie Horton, from the Castle Master, Aidan Flamberge.

Lunar Shadow

Serenity went to the castle, armed with only Invidia.

Solar Shadow 2

Serenity appears as a boss in the Magic School. She doesn't wish to attack Selena Daria van der Merwe, but is under mind control. She uses Acidic Bubble, Crescent Moon, Arcanum and Misery's End.


  • Serenity is unable to see Life Capsules.
  • There are 5 clones of her but only 2 of them are alive during the main story.
  • Out of all the Mimigas in Cave Story, King is her favourite.
  • The medical eyepatch she wears after Lunar Shadow can be obtained in Lunar Shadow itself, in a treasure chest hidden in the Entrance.
  • Serenity and Ataraxis share the same default outfit because the latter is a clone.
  • Serenity is ambidextrous, it is unknown if her clones share this trait.
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