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The Serenity Clones are characters that appear within Lunar Shadow. Little is known about them, as one appears shortly before the final boss of Lunar Shadow and another during the final boss. There are at least five known clones, two of which are already deceased by the time the first one appears.


Just like Serenity Horton, each clone appears to have auburn shoulder-length hair with a green eye. Their left eyes are missing due to the Taint. They all have scars over their left eyes, and have fair skin.


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One of the executed clones mentioned by Ataraxis.


One of the executed clones mentioned by Ataraxis.


Lunar Shadow

The first of only two clones to appear in Lunar Shadow, Ataraxis was one of the rejected ones and was to be executed in some dungeon, though she hid in the remnants of the Lunar Soul area, near Xyz's room. She is one of the bosses of the Top Floor area, being in the room just before the Top Floor Throne.

The second of the clones to appear, Tranquility appears in the throne room with the Castle Master, but leaves shortly after he appears. After he's defeated, she appears once more with him, inside a mecha of some kind.

Post Lunar Shadow

Repose, Tranquility and Ataraxis (in the Solar Shadow timeline) survived the events of Lunar Shadow. Repose hadn't died as Ataraxis thought and the latter had reincarnated due to her Reincarnation Taint; Tranquility used a Copyform Spell and ends up on a planet that had been affected by her former master's chemical war. She also awakens her Taint which is the Venoxious Taint.

Solar Shadow 2

Ataraxis also appears as a possible boss of the Splendid Tower area, where she appears in place of Nought Celeritas if Demaseor has been defeated. She attacks using constantly-rotating green beams (rainbow-colored in Bad Heart Mode), and hovers out of reach of most attacks; however, her HP constantly drains.

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  • As clones of Serenity Horton, they are unable to see Life Capsules.
  • Ataraxis claims that Repose was executed alongside Heartsease and Placidity. Considering that Repose survived to write a book, Ataraxis was either lying, was mistaken or believed that Repose was dead.
    • All seven Maid variants and Ataraxis use the same AI as Curly Brace battled in the Sand Zone
  • Before the boss fight against Ataraxis, Serenity calls her a "copyform". This is in reference to Apocalyptic Wind Tower, a forum-based RP that Cibryll (as "Kim") had taken part in.
  • The names of the clones are all synonyms of "serenity".
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