Selenic Shadow is a Cave Story mod created by Kim Tyranto and Ariana Seymour. It was first released on June 13th, 2016.


Currently, nothing much is known about the plot; what is known is that Selena Daria van der Merwe wakes up in a mysterious place.


The main setting oF Selenic Shadow is Grié'dýr, which is split into several areas.


Name Gender Race Notes
Andrea Yauman Female Unknown
Ariari Female Unknown
Ella Harten Female Unknown
Evan O'Neill Male Human
Hiranya Mitsuru Female Human
Ichi Male Unknown
Ilina Horton Female Valkyrie Two of them appear; one looks like 2013 Ilina, while the other looks like 2015 Ilina.
Invidia Female Goddess
Julian Male Lumian
Martel Aar Female Human
Nemesis Female Goddess Cannot be fought due to a game-crashing bug.
Ni Genderless Unknown
Ryuuko Tsukihana Female Unknown
Sakura Hanako Female Unknown
San Genderless Unknown
Selena Daria van der Merwe Female Human
Serenity Grimangeldusk Female Unknown
Shana Female Flame Haze
Shi Genderless Unknown
Sofia Female Unknown
Unknown girl Female Unknown Appears in Grié'dýr: Sound
Unknown robot Genderless Robot Appears in Grié'dýr: Sound


  • Version was released on 13 June 2016, while Version was released on 12 July 2016.
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