Selena Daria van der Merwe is a major character in the Lunar Shadow Project, first appearing in Lunar Shadow, as well as one of the playable characters in Selenic Shadow and the first two Solar Shadow games.


S.D. has rainbow-colored hair, a right green eye, a left blue eye, and fair skin.


S.D. wears a pale bluish-purple sleeveless top, maroon jeans and brown shoes.

Other Information

She appears to be a bit crazy. She is also armed with a Volt Cannon.


Lunar Shadow ZERO

Outside the Lunar Soul Castle, she meets an unarmed man. She hands him a Fireball before heading into the castle.

Lunar Shadow

S.D. stands outside the castle, seemingly having lost her mind and gone crazy. It is currently unknown why.

Selenic Shadow

S.D. is the initial playable character, waking up inside Grié'dýr.


  • S.D. gives a hint regarding a Life Capsule in Tower X, where she says that she thinks the spikes there are fake.
  • S.D. gives a hint regarding some of the treasure chests that are sealed off if Alexis Flamberge dies.
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