Repose is one of the clones of Serenity Horton and is a minor character in the game.


Just like Serenity, she has long auburn hair and a green eye, with her left eye being missing due to the Taint. She also has a scar over her left eye, and fair skin. Since being adopted, Repose had her hair grow to waist-length, and wears a reddish-pink contact lens, also wearing an eyepatch over her


Repose wears a sleeveless high-low dress, shoulder-length gloves, thigh-high stockings and glass slippers, all of which are white.

Other Information

She was the sole survivor of the clones that were executed. She is also the author of The Story of a Clone who Should Not Be.


Lunar Shadow

According to Ataraxis, Repose was killed along with Heartsease and Placidity. It turns out that she survived.


The title of her book implies that Repose has a Guilt Complex over surviving her execution.

She's the only one of Serenity's clones to wear white.

Repose got lucky enough to get an unknown variation of the Taint, which Valkyrie calls "Purity Taint".

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