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Noxakainsink is an optional boss that appears in Lunar Shadow. Upon defeating them, they can access the Confusion Zone which is Lunar Shadow's true final area. 


Much like it's earlier game counterpart, it jumps up and down and fires circular energy blades.


The earliest mention of it's existance is in Chapter 9 of The Guardian Beasts. It was summoned by Ignis in the Sea Zone (most likely by force), is described as an "enigma of a menacing beast" and is feared by Invidia and Nemesis .

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  • Noxakaisink's name is a portmantaeu of Noxid, GIRakaCHEESER, Andwhyist and Doublethink (the CSTSF's staff) who were credited for their help in regards to Lunar Shadow. Cibryll was the one who named this boss rather than Kim.
  • Unlike the Bao i Ora Mi Que fought in the Reservoir , this one actually has a name. It was confirmed by Cibryll on 11/12/20 that Bao i Ora mi Que and Noxakaisink are two different individuals from the same race.
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