Nought Celeritas, also known as 4ZC-1009, is one of two possible bosses of the Splendid Tower and also one of two possible final bosses of Solar Shadow 2. She has a bright white body, and blue hair. Her eyes are pure black.


Being an android, her appearance is different from the other characters. She has blue hair and a bright white body; she also has pure black eyes.



Nought and her brother Death's Head are prototype androids built by Eron Araia Armweak. Despite her strange appearance, she is capable of disguising herself as human. Additionally, her AI operates over Eron's powerful LichenNet system, allowing it to persist if her body is destroyed.

She was stored in a safe room at the top of Technology Tower, until she was stolen by Terrah Horton, who activated her and transferred the Curse of the Castle Masters into her so it didn't need to be carried by a real person, rendering it harmless. Terrah then placed her in the Castle Master's quarters in Splendid Tower as a fake Castle Master, building several statues in her name.

At some point, Nought placed a mind control device in Serenity Horton's eye.


  • "Celeritas" is Latin for "Speed".
  • Defeating Demeasor is required if you plan to fight her; if you don't, you'll have to fight Ataraxis instead.
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