The New Lunar Soul Castle is a location on the Tirahnys continent of Newerth. It was built on the ruins of the Lunar Soul Castle in 2017 after the original castle was destroyed in 2015 by Serenity Horton. It is owned by Eron Araia Armweak.

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Area Description Main Paths Bosses Music
Entryway A dim area of brown and black bricks, which gets darker as it goes along. Contains weak blocks which can be broken with the Kleure. Spinning saw blades are the main threats. Both Mitsuru The Arrival
Moss Garden The castle's basement, which has become overrun with hazardous plants and fungi due to the damp conditions. Some guard robots remain, but much of the castle's technology has broken down here. Both The Mossmouth Spooky Week
Elevator A vertical neon-red area allowing access to the upper floors. There is an autoscrolling platform which rises, forcing the player to avoid spikes on the way up. A secret room within the Elevator area grants access to the upper path. Both None Unlightenment
Magic School A bright purple area where the Castle Master's followers train. Greek letters are scrawled all over the walls. In addition to the dangerous students, there is also magic fire, which is generally deadlier than spikes, and some of which cycles on and off on a timer. Both Kascan Rizou, Serenity Horton Desperate Death Princess
Ice Prison A blue area full of relatively advanced security systems. There are also "ice bubbles" which Selena can gain a boost off of. While most of the prisoners appear to be other robots, they also include Eron Araia Armweak, put there after she was removed as castle master. Lower Venton Leroi, Steve Leroi Final Greeting
Technology Tower The shorter of the castle's two towers -- it appears to have contained Eron's personal workshop. At the top is a safe room where Nought Celeritas and Death's Head were stored, but only the latter is still there by the time Selena Daria gets there. Upper Death's Head Ascenders Revive
Sky Platform A bridge of some sort connecting the two towers of the castle. It is windy, due to being exposed to the elements. Upper Demaseor Superhighway
Splendid Tower The castle's main tower, where the Castle Master's quarters are located. It is full of bright, gaudy golden decoration. It comprises a boss rush of eight minibosses -- first, the Gold Knight, Gold Witch, Gold Thug and Gold Demon, followed by upgraded versions of each of the above (the Platinum Knight, Witch, Thug and Demon). Lower/both -- the first half of the tower is only accessible from the lower path. Nought Celeritas, Ataraxis Ultimate Momentum
Hidden Attic A secret room at the top of the Splendid Tower made of blue blocks. It is dark and silent. Upper Terrah Horton Zero's Elegy
Genocide City A strange area beneath the castle, devoid of life. It is a part of the previous Lunar Soul Castle which survived and which remains accessible through a secret route. Neither Andrea Yauman Interminable Acid Rain




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