Nemesis is a lightning goddess in the Lunar Shadow Project.


Nemesis has long purple hair reaching her back, mismatched blue eyes (her right eye is blue while her left eye is light blue), and fair skin.


Her attire consists of a purple skintight bodysuit that covers her entire body except for her head, worn under a yellow dress. She also wears blue pumps.


Lunar Shadow

Nemesis is planned as one of the two true final bosses, along with her sister Invidia. They would be found in the Confusion Zone.

Selenic Shadow

Nemesis was intended to appear as a boss in Grié'dýr: Thunder, using the AI of the Heavy Press from Cave Story, along with her sister. Due to a bug, however, this boss fight is skipped, and her only appearance is afterwards. Whether this is the real Nemesis or not, is unknown.


  • Defeating her and her sister is required for the Not Perplexed and Tainted Heroine endings in Lunar Shadow, both of which are currently unobtainable.
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