Martel Aar is a character in the Lunar Shadow Project, first appearing in Lunar Shadow ZERO. Despite her appearance, she is an enemy of the Castle Master.


Martel has short orange hair, a green right eye, a blue left eye, and fair skin. She has a scar over her face, going from her left cheek to the right side of her forehead.


Martel wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a green skirt, green knee socks and black shoes. She also wears a black gas mask and blue rubber gloves.

Other Information


Lunar Shadow ZERO

She is first encountered in the Tower, after Evan O'Neill obtains the Shining Sun. She mentions a strange guy in a green labcoat starting a chemical war in another continent, of which she was the sole survivor.

Selenic Shadow

Martel makes a few appearances.


  • "Martel Aar" sounds a lot like the Dutch word "martelaar", meaning "torturer". This is actually a coincidence.
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