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Lunar Soul is an important location in Lunar Shadow ZER0 and is a late game dungeon. Axlvolt and his children are fought there as bosses and need to be defeated to progress. The dungeon has several puzzles which require the player to think but also take risks. Completing the dungeon allows the player to obtain the Lunar Gem which prevents the guardians from regenerating.


Lunar Shadow ZER0

Evan O'Neill fights Axlvolt and the 7 Guardians to obtain the Lunar Gem.

Lunar Shadow

Xyz is fought at the Entrance which was built on top of the remains of Lunar Soul. Xyz is said to have been born from it, and emerges underground from the Lunar Soul during battle.


Lunar Shadow ZERO

  • Axlvolt (major boss, defeat the 7 guardians to fight him)
  • Xhêòryx
  • Czyrr
  • Rmizý
  • Ùnzÿne
  • Akun
  • Bãşhúsşhû
  • Qùìçkşílvêr

Lunar Shadow