Lunar Shadow ZERO is a Cave Story mod created by Kim Tyranto, although Dianke Smith, a friend of Kim's, worked mostly on the mod while Kim was busy with Lunar Shadow (which this mod is a prequel to). As of 2016, Ariana Seymour is also helping out with the mod.


On 15 January 2013, a mysterious man decreed that the inhabitants of the planet Newerth will all die in exactly two years. He claimed that those who dared to try and stop this calamity would be doomed to die before they could even get near his castle.


The following areas appear in Lunar Shadow ZERO.


The following characters appear in Lunar Shadow ZERO.

Name Gender Race Notes
Aidan Flamberge Male Human
Aion Male Unknown
Alexis Flamberge Female Human
Azehr Genderless Unknown
Ariâ Female Fairy
Axlvolt Unknown Unknown
Ciel Sorcière Female Unknown
Czyrr Unknown Unknown
Élea Female Fairy
Eris Calibur Female Unknown
Eron Alexis Armweak Male Human
Eron Araia Armweak Female Human
Evan O'Neill Male Human
Ilina Horton Female Valkyrie
Ðòrÿþ Female Fairy
Martel Aar Female Unknown
Selena Daria van der Merwe Female Human
Serenity Horton Female Valkyrie
Shana Female Flame Haze
Shyn Wau Male Unknown
Valkyrie Horton Female Valkyrie
Ýggdræl Female Fairy
Zsîros Genderless Unknown


  • This mod has yet to be released.
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