Lunadine "Luna" Crimstaine is a character in Lunar Shadow.


Luna has red shoulder-length hair, blue eyes and fair skin.


Luna wears a turquoise minidress with blue shoulder-length gloves, blue thigh-high stockings and black high-heeled shoes.

Other Information

She holds a brown staff that amplifies the power of her spells.


Lunar Shadow

Luna is first met within the Laboratory. She is later encountered underwater in the Reservoir, wearing a breathing mask (as she lacks a spell that lets her breathe underwater). She is also one of the bosses of the Top Floor, though she can be skipped by defeating Alexis Flamberge in the Tower throne room first. She knows the truth about Shinica Horton.


  • While Shinica is still alive, Luna is completely invulnerable. During the fight with her and Shinica, it's possible for her to never attack you while Shinica is still alive. She'll only fight you once Shinica goes down.
  • It's been stated in The Guardian Beasts that both Irving and Micren are her pets.
  • She is the author of the The Guardian Beasts along with Aidan and Alexis.
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