Life Capsules and Newwerthians is a book written by an unknown author. The book is located at Servant Quarters RR in Lunar Shadow.


Not all Newerthians are able to see the wondrous items known as Life Capsules, or even feel them. Life Capsules come in many variants, and can be opened to ingest the candy inside to increase maximum HP. Opening it is difficult, however… seven hours have I struggled, before I could open one! But I digress. The variants, and the HP they give when all the candy has been eaten, are:

  • Doomed Life Capsules: -10 - -50 MHP
  • Cursed Life Capsules: 0 - -9 MHP
  • Life Capsules: 1 - 10 MHP
  • Silver Life Capsules: 11 - 25 MHP
  • Golden Life Capsules: 26 - 40 MHP
  • Mythril Life Capsules: 41 - 74 MHP
  • Solarite Life Capsules: 75 - 89 MHP
  • Lunarite Life Capsules: 75 - 89 MHP
  • Astralite Life Capsules: 75 - 89 MHP
  • Diamond Life Capsules: 90 - 100 MHP
  • Amber Life Capsules: 85 - 105 MHP
  • Rainbow Life Capsules: -50 - 115 MHP

Those are the only known variants at this time, however, research is being done to find out if other variants exist. In addition, it seems that, on occasion, Life Capsules give more maximum HP than that list states. A new discovery! The candy inside Life Capsules are weird. Ingredients change based on the person who eat the candy. One may find the ingredients to be meat, while another might find that it's carrot or spinach. This is most curious.


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