Kousendia Blom is a character in the Lunar Shadow Project.


Kousendia has light green hair that reaches her waist, dark green eyes and fair skin. Her face is scarred horrifically.


Kousendia wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a cerulean miniskirt, dark cerulean knee socks and black shoes. She always wears a black face-concealing gas mask over her face, hiding her scars. Her hands are covered with a pair of mauve gloves.

Other Information

Kousendia has a signed copy of Janelle Rogóz's book, What are Gasmasks?, which she received in February 2009 while she was in the hospital. She was supposed to be guarding a shrine on Shisukai, Voraorite, but she ran away from home at the age of six. She claims that people who see her face die mysterious deaths with the bodies being undiscovered, although in reality, the people leave Voraorite or the continent she is on, because they are freaked out by the scars on her face.