Janelle Rogóz is a character in the Lunar Shadow Project.


Janelle has long, light pink hair, rose pink eyes and fair skin. For some reason, she has wings - both are light pink. Her right wing is curved downwards and the wingtip almost reaches the ground, while her left wing is long and curved upwards.


Janelle's outfit consists of a sheer purple top worn under a pink top, with a purple short-sleeved shirt worn over that. She also wears a pale purple miniskirt. Her hands are covered with purple elbow-length gloves, and she wears purple thigh-high stockings with pink garters. She does not appear to be wearing shoes. She sometimes wears a gas mask that covers her entire face; the mask itself has silver lenses.

Other Information

She is the author of the book What are Gasmasks?. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006, but her willpower was enough to make her last several years without treatment; she was killed by her own son, Aidan Flamberge, in 2009. She was vain about her face, so she always wore a mask of some kind in public, hence her nickname of "Mascara".



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