Ilina Horton is a partner character in Lunar Shadow and the main character of Umbrageous Light.


Ilina has reddish-orange shoulder-length hair with green eyes, and fair skin.


Her outfit in Lunar Shadow consists of a white short-sleeved blouse, a pink skirt, pink knee-high socks, and black Mary-Jane shoes. It is likely that she wore it at the time she was kidnapped.

Other Information

As a partner character, Ilina is carried around, firing her Fusion Weapon Nemedia in the opposite direction to Serenity. She is an Untainted Horton which prevents her from being corrupted by the Dark Armour.


Prior to Lunar Shadow

From 2006, Ilina was the president of Tirahnys, until 2013, when she was kidnapped by Ciel Sorcière to be corrupted in the Myst Zone.

Lunar Shadow

Ilina is found in some kind of tank after two years. Despite the Dark Armor's existence, it is claimed that there is no faster way to corrupt her (though this is due to the lack of Taint). After Serenity defeats Shiori Shauntal, Ilina joins Serenity.

Selenic Shadow

Both Ilina from 2013 and Ilina from 2015 make an appearance.


  • Ilina is unable to see Life Capsules.
  • Ilina can be found dead instead; this only happens if certain conditions are met.
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