Ignis du Blaze is a character in Lunar Shadow.


Ignis has long blue hair, and fair skin.


Ignis wears a black and maroon gas mask, an orange long-sleeved shirt, a brown miniskirt, silver tights and black knee-high boots.

Other Information

Little is known about Ignis.


Lunar Shadow

Ignis' only canon appearance thus far is in Tower RR, where she and Shinica Horton are summoned by Sycor and temporarily transformed into monsters during the boss fight. After Serenity Horton wins, they are returned to normal. A Cake can be found in a treasure chest nearby the exit to the Reservoir, which was baked by Ignis.

While not canon, Ignis appears once again, this time in the Sea Zone. It is learned that Ignis has been away from home for eight years, that she is working for the Castle Master against her will, and her parents were killed by her sister, Cheriza du Blaze. After Serenity defeats Cheriza, Ignis gives Serenity a Golden Life Capsule (if not in 3-HP Mode), or information (if in 3-HP Mode).


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