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Humans are a race in Lunar Shadow and can wield all sorts of powers; some however have no special powers. Being adaptable creatures, they can wield weaponry and are just as capable at doing battle as any other race.

Name Gender Notes
Aidan Flamberge Male
Alexis Flamberge Female Aidan's sister.
Ciel Sorcière Female
Eleanor Flamberge Female
Eron Araia Armweak Female
Eron Alexis Armweak Male
Evan O'Neill Female
Hiranya Mitsuru Female
Ignis du Blaze Female
Janelle Rogóz Female Is also half Fairy.
Kousendia Blom Female
Lunadine Crimstaine Female
Martel Aar Male
Selena Daria van der Merwe Female
Shiori Shauntal Female A shapeshiftress who appears as an optional boss.
Steve Leroi Male A boss in Solar Shadow 2.
Venton Leroi Male A boss in Solar Shadow 2.


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