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Hiranya Mitsuru is a minor character in Lunar Shadow, and Selenic Shadow. She's also the first boss in Solar Shadow 2, appearing in the Entryway.


Hiranya has purplish shoulder-length hair, green eyes and fair skin. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt, a purple skirt, and black stockings with brown shoes.


She doesn't like school though she aims to become an architect. She's also a member of the Mitsuru clan though it's unknown who they are. In Selenic Shadow, she claims to be a clone though it's possible that she was messing with Serena or that it was a sign that Selenic Shadow was Serena's dream all along.


Lunar Shadow

Hiranya stands outside of the Castle Entrance, complaining about school. She's seen with Selena Daria, the latter of whom will shout to Serenity Horton about her rainbow hair.

Selenic Shadow

She is first encountered in Grié'dýr: Dark, with Andrea Yauman. After they leave, they are encountered in the following room. She tells Serena about herself and references Serena's only line of dialogue in Lunar Shadow before claiming that she was a clone created by Mik Otnaryt, Retaksafla, Reverofiretp, Atir, Eknaid and Anaira.

Solar Shadow 2

Hiranya appears as the game's first boss though she is referred to as the Shadow Maid. The Shadow Maid being her isn't revealed unless the player is on Bad Heart Mode.

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  • Hiranya references the video game Grandia 2 when she refers to herself in the first person.
  • Hiranya's last name was given by alfasketer, one of the beta testers of Lunar Shadow.
  • Visually there's an error in one of her expression boxes in that her sclerae are the same colour as her skin.
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