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Grialdyn known also as Project G is a monster found at Servant Quarters ET. It is usually invisible to everyone but the Castle Master, but can be made visible (night) or invisible(day) by interacting with the Newerthian Clock at Tower D. This only applies to Grialdyn itself and not the Grialdyn Cores, five smaller monsters who surround it. It wishes to empower itself with darkness, claiming that darkness belongs to it and it alone.

For the battle to start, the player must activate a terminal at the top of the room. Fortunately for the player, there are several hearts at the far left of the room which helps if the player runs low on HP. Unlike Sycor, it's cores also take damage and can be pushed back and it's also possible to temporarily disable them.

Once Grialdyn is defeated, it'll call out to it's "father" before dying. Shinica pops in, unable to understand what Grialdyn is talking about before showing amazement that Serenity manged to defeat the ancient security system. After it's death, you can choose to heal a burned Shinica with the Life Pot.


  • Emerald Flame S (Griadyn Cores fire a large amount of them out, but they don't deal much damage.)
  • Emerald Flame L (Graildyn doesn't use this as often, but often mixes them with Emerald Flame S)
  • 4-Cutter (Graildyn uses this attack occasionally, and can be easily dodged. It deals 20 damage if it connects so be careful)
  • North Wind (Graildyn calls upon a gust of wind to blow back Serenity, is used in tandem with other attacks)


Grialdyn is a simple individual. When it sees Serenity, it intends to burn her and devour her soul along with any darkness within her. It also obsesses over darkness and is hostile to those who take it away. When defeated, it starts burning up and mentions being in pain before it's defeat.


Prior to Lunar Shadow

Known as Project G, Grialdyn and it's minicores (known as Gharvieon) were created to replace the fallen Zsiros. All of them have elemental affinities to Moon.

Lunar Shadow

Grialdyn is encountered by Serenity Horton and they do battle. After it's defeat, it's body heats up and explodes which harms Shinica due to the heated shrapnel. Depending on if the player went to the Newerthan Clock or not, Serenity either fought Grialdyn when it was visible or invisible.

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  • Grialdyn is the first boss that can be battled whether it is invisible or visible. It's also one of the few bosses that has several hearts in it's arena, and for it's cores to drop hearts.
  • Grialdyn uses the AI of the Core from Cave Story; it's ghostly white colour is derived from the mod's Servant Quarters tileset.
  • Both it and Cheriza du Blaze believe that the Horton Taint can empower them should they be able to absorb it.
  • Much like Azehr, it also has alternate dialogue. In this case, the dialogue differs depending on if the player defeated Grialdyn when it was visible or invisible.
  • On 14/01/21, Cibyrll confirmed that Grialdyn was created to replace Zsiros (who appeared in Lunar Shadow ZERO) and that it's cores are named Gharvieon.
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