Grié'dýr (IPA: /xrɪˈeɪtiːr/) is the central location of Selenic Shadow.

General Information

Almost all areas within has a different theme, each representing one of the twenty-five elements found in Serenth. However, most rooms in Grié'dýr have grey bricks, with some sections containing Japanese characters.

Some areas are protected by powerful monsters. In addition, Grié'dýr itself is a mystery, as most things appear to defy the law of physics.

It is implied that Grié'dýr is the remnants of a civilization of magic and technology, ruined by the three Shadows; however, whatever the "Shadows" are is still unknown at this point.

Room Name Element Items Bosses Notes
Awakening A hub room and the starting map. S.D. is playable at this point.
Null Null Map Maker; Ray Pistol
Wind Wind Life Capsule (+3)
Fire Fire Life Capsule (+5)
Water Water Air Tank; Life Capsule (+3); Sickle (weapon)
Earth Earth
Agony A hub room.
Moon Moon Ichi
Sun Sun Chakram; Life Capsule (+4)
Star Star Life Capsule (+5); Life Pot Ni
Space Space San
Disaster A hub room.
Sound Sound
Darkness Darkness Life Capsule (+3) Shi
Light Light Life Capsule (+2)
Thunder Thunder Invidia; Nemesis Due to a bug regarding Nemesis crashing the mod on death, the boss fight is dummied out.
Death A hub room. Shana is playable from here on.
Music Ankh Pendant Statue Accessible by S.D. from the Awakening, Agony and Disaster rooms. Sakura Hanako appears here with an unknown girl.
Music Ankh Pendant; Map Maker Statue Accessible by Shana from the Death room. Ariari, Ella Harten, Julian, Serenity Grimangeldusk and an unknown character appear here.



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