Grié'dýr (IPA: /xrɪˈeɪtiːr/) is the central location of Selenic Shadow.

General Information

Almost all areas within has a different theme, each representing one of the twenty-five elements found in Serenth. However, most rooms in Grié'dýr have grey bricks, with some sections containing Japanese characters.

Some areas are protected by powerful monsters. In addition, Grié'dýr itself is a mystery, as most things appear to defy the law of physics.

It is implied that Grié'dýr is the remnants of a civilization of magic and technology, ruined by the three Shadows; however, whatever the "Shadows" are is still unknown at this point.

Room Name Element Items Bosses Notes
Awakening N/A N/A N/A A hub room and the starting map. S.D. is playable at this point.
Null Null Map Maker; Ray Pistol N/A
Wind Wind Life Capsule (+3) N/A
Fire Fire Life Capsule (+5) N/A
Water Water Air Tank; Life Capsule (+3); Sickle (weapon) N/A
Earth Earth N/A N/A
Agony N/A N/A The second hub room.
Moon Moon N/A Ichi
Sun Sun Chakram; Life Capsule (+4) N/A
Star Star Life Capsule (+5); Life Pot Ni
Space Space N/A San
Disaster N/A N/A The third hub room.
Sound Sound N/A N/A In order to progress to the next room, you need to play 5 specific songs: there are signs with the numbers 8, 17, 21, 38 and 48. You then have to activate the terminals that play those songs.
Darkness Darkness Life Capsule (+3) Shi
Light Light Life Capsule (+2) N/A
Thunder Thunder N/A Invi Due to a bug regarding the Nemesis and Invidia fight crashing the mod on death, the boss fight was replaced with Invi instead.
Death N/A N/A N/A A hub room. Shana is playable from here on.
Music N/A Ankh Pendant Statue Accessible by S.D. from the Awakening, Agony and Disaster rooms. Sakura Hanako appears here with an unknown girl.
Music N/A Ankh Pendant; Map Maker Statue Accessible by Shana from the Death room. Ariari, Ella Harten, Julian, Serenity Grimangeldusk and an unknown character appear here.
Terminal 0

Sound Room Puzzle

To gain access to the next room, you must play 5 specific songs in order: 8 (Decisive Battle with Hector),17, 21 (Fear Factor), (Outer Wall) 38 and 48 (Battle on the Big Bridge). The first terminal actually resets the songs, which is useful if you get it wrong.



  • The boss fight with Invidia and Nemesis goes unused because it crashes the mod upon their defeat. As such, when the player tries to fight them, they simply fall into a pit. After this, there's even a sign written by Ariana explaining why the fight had to be skipped.
  • The battle with Invi is the only boss fight in the game to have multiple phases, regardless if you count the unused boss or not.
  • Each of the game's bosses have their own battle theme unlike Lunar Shadow, though several battle themes from that game do return in the Music Room.
  • It's currently unknown if the unused battle in this game was also going to be used in Lunar Shadow v5 or if Invidia and Nemesis's battle would be have been different (due to being Lunar Shadow's true final boss).
  • This mod has several references to Undertale: Megalovania and Spear of Justice appear in this game, the former as a boss theme. Ichi's dialogue and the Chakram's description references San's pre battle dialogue.
  • Hiranya mentions that she's a clone and that cloning is illegal on Tirahnys. She then mentions that she was created by Mik Otnaryt, Retaksafla, Reverofiretp, Atir, Eknaid and Anaira which spelt backwards are Kim Tyranto, Alfasketer, Pteriforever, Rita, Dianke and Ariana. Those names were most likely added in as references, with AuroraDash and Alfasketer having served as Beta Testers for Lunar Shadow.
  • She also confirms that the rainbow haired girl in Lunar Shadow is indeed Selena Daria van der Merwe, who stands outside of the castle. Considering that Selenic Shadow is non-canon, it's possible that she's a minor character in Lunar Shadow with an entirely different personality.
  • There are several references to Vresun Ciraian Ruins and it's members:
  • The Hopey Tree is referenced, being something that originated from the TV Tropes forums. Shane is one of many tropers "adopted" by HopelessInGuy.
  • The Ringabel pun Evan mentions is a reference to King of Despair, a member of Vresun Ciraian Ruins along with Kim Tyranto. The pun in question references Ringabel, one of the main characters from Bravely Default (who has amnesia of his actual identity Alternis Dim)and the old phrase "rings a bell" an idiom for recalling something familiar.
  • Phoenix Flower Dragons and Interstice Lamias are creations of Bloom Seymour, the younger sister of Ariana Seymour and member of Vresun Ciraian Ruins. However, they're only mentioned in-game and never actually appear.
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