A Golden Life Capsule is an object that increases a person's maximum HP. They are one of the many variants of Life Capsules.


One can be obtained in the Sea Zone from Ignis du Blaze, after defeating her sister, Cheriza du Blaze. It cannot be obtained in 3-HP Mode, however.

It cannot be used to increase Serenity's maximum HP. It can be given to Eron Araia Armweak, though there is no reward for doing so.


Lunar Shadow

Normal description:

GOLDEN LIFE CAPSULE: it increases the
maximum life of a person by 26 to 40
points. A rare find on Tirahnys.

Selected description (normal):

You have a feeling that you should hold
on to it, rather than use it on yourself.

Selected description (3-HP Mode):

Serenity isn't able to see Life Capsules
in canon, so she shouldn't even have the
Golden Life Capsule in the first place… 


  • Despite being unobtainable in 3-HP Mode, there is an description that only appears when 3-HP Mode is on.
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