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In the Lunar Shadow Universe, many races exist and they all have extensive family trees. As such, even Kim has difficulty keeping track of them.

Valkyrie Family Tree

  • Valkyries are an artificial race created by the Mother Valkyrie. They resemble humans though unlike them, they appear have a Taint, though so far only the Hortons seem to have it.

The first Valkyrie in existence was called Minerva and she was created on 14th March -145. Synaeresis was the second Valkyrie and part of the 2nd generation. They were born in the year -123. Sigyn Krushchev was the third Valkyrie and part of the 3rd generation. She had 7 children: Her sons, Ruy, Orenj and Grien and her daughters Gelbe, Blae, Idiga and Violette. Aside from Violette who stayed on Newerth, her siblings ventured off to other planets. Orange died first at aged 25, as did the others. Only Indiga was still alive, though in 1739, she took her mother's last name and became Indiga Krushchev.

One of Blae's descendants may have appeared in Selenic Shadow and their identity remains unknown.

Horton Family Tree

Violette is Serenity's ancestor and it's her family linage that started the Horton family tree. She was born in the year -65 and had twins called Seria and Illene. Seria lived while her twin Seria passed away 23 years later. [[Valkyrie Horton was married to Evan 'O Neil and had three children: Ilina Horton, Shinica Horton and Serenity Horton. Serenity Horton and her sisters are part of the 81st generation of Valkyries.

Valerie Horton is the daughter of Xydia Horton and Ladislaw Smit. Despite sharing the Taint and their surname, Valerie and her parents have no relation to Serenity and her family.

The Hortons
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