Evan O'Neill is the protagonist of Lunar Shadow ZERO.


Evan had neck-length black hair that covered his face somewhat, green eyes and fair skin.


Evan wore a red sleeveless shirt and blue jeans with black shoes.

Other Information

Evan was a hero in Yes Town.


Prior to Lunar Shadow ZERO

Evan befriended three fairies from Niamh Tír na nÓg - Élea, Ariâ and Ýggdræl.

Lunar Shadow ZERO

Evan went to the castle to save his wife, Valkyrie Horton, from the Castle Master, accompanied by the fairies. On arriving outside the castle, he meets a rainbow-haired girl, who hands him a Fireball.

Lunar Shadow

Various people mention that Evan was killed by Aidan Flamberge; it is unknown what happened to the fairies. Some people also mention that Evan had ruined various areas completely, making them inaccessible.

Evan appears later, shortly after Serenity escapes the castle, in the Realm of the Deceased.


  • Evan is able to see Life Capsules.
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