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Eron Araia Armweak is a minor NPC in Lunar Shadow who appears at the Entrance . If the player obtains 3 specific Life Capsules before obtaining the Valkyrie Wings, she'll give them a special Life Capsule; however if the player is doing a 3-HP Mode playthrough, she'll have nothing to say to them. In addition, she is the one who the player is supposed to give the Golden Life Capsule to.

In Solar Shadow 2 however, she is somewhat more important in that she built the LichenNet system, the New Lunar Soul Castle  and both Nought and her brother Death's Head.


Eron Armweak is a brunette haired girl with tanned skin and blue eyes who wears a green scarf, a purple jumper, pink gloves and blue jeans.


Eron is located at the bottom of the Entrance on a high up area that can be reached with either the Valkyrie Wings or the Level 3 Arcanum. 

If the player gets three specfic Life Capsules before getting the Valkyrie Wings, she'll give the player the a special Life Capsule and the password (55555) to the second area in Myst Zone. Hower if you got those 3 capsules after obtaining the Valkyrie Wings, she'll tell the player she has nothing to say to them. 

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  • Eron and Ignis du Blaze are the only characters in Lunar Shadow to give special variants of Life Capsules to the player.
  • Both her and Selena Daria van der Merwe are minor characters who were reused from Hope of Shane: FROST, one of Cibryll's old Cave Story mods.
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