Eleanor Flamberge is a character in the Lunar Shadow Project.


Eleanor has long blonde hair and brown eyes, though her hair is dyed pink. She has fair skin.


While her outfit is mostly unknown, she wears a gas mask imbued with the element of light, in case her brother's apocalypse comes to pass.

Other Information

Eleanor is currently living in a Tirahnysan cathedral, studying to become a priestess. She will not hesitate to use Light-elemental magic against evil, but she is a pacifist by nature. It pains her greatly to see her brother become the definition of pure evil. Her dream is to become the Pope of Newerth.



  • Her family's surname is the name of a one-handed sword (with a curvy patterned blade).
  • Much like her brother and sister, she is based off a real person; this person being the younger sister of one of the members of the beta testers of Lunar Shadow.
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