Ciel Sorcière was an antagonist from Lunar Shadow ZERO, and one of Aidan Flamberge's minions.


Ciel has short maroon hair, green eyes and fair skin.


Ciel wears a green shirt, purple pants and blue shoes. She carries a brown staff with her.

Other Information


Lunar Shadow ZERO

She kidnapped several children from Yes Town, and kidnapped president Ilina in Gomu Forest. She is also the boss of the Entrance.

Lunar Shadow

While she does not appear in Lunar Shadow, an engraving at a statue in Myst: Demise of the Maiden can be found written by her.

In 2013, my liege had me take many kids prisoner… but one of them defeated me in Yes Town. She got a scar over the left eye, so to recognize her might be easy. In any case my mission was completed and I left. Then I learned that one of those kids I had captured happened to be president Ilina, and she is kept here. Here she will sleep until 2015, when the brainwashing will be completed. Alas, a faster way does not exist. Anyone who touches the device will be in for quite a shock, however. I believe a man from that town is here. In this castle. If I do not update this, then I likely died at his hand. - Ciel Sorcière, Dark Witch


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