Arcanum is a weapon that can be obtained in Lunar Shadow.


Arcanum is a green gun.


Arcanum can be found in Servant Quarters Y, in a treasure chest, with 30 ammo; while hidden, it can be uncovered by shooting a statue enough times. Obtaining it also unlocks two treasure chests throughout the castle; these treasure chests will increase the maximum ammo for Arcanum:


As an automatic weapon, Arcanum fires bullets as long as the Fire button is held down. While equipped but not fired, it will recharge its ammunition over time.

At Level 3, when aimed up or down, the recoil will send the holder in the opposite direction - thus, aimed downwards, it's possible to hover as long as it has ammunition.

Arcanum Infinity

Arcanum Infinity is a weapon exclusive to 3-HP Mode of Lunar Shadow. It can be found at Tower DL. Obtaining it locks all other Arcanum-related chests. Arcanum Infinity has unlimited ammunition, in addition to the abilities the normal Arcanum has.


  • Arcanum is one of only two weapons found in Lunar Shadow to have more than one description. The other is the Crescent Moon.
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