Andrea Yauman is a mysterious character appearing in Solar Shadow 2. One of the game's bonus bosses, she is a valkyrie with dark blue hair and a long red robe. A loyal servant of the Flamberge family, she is a powerful sorceress and holds the title of demonslayer.


She is the boss of Genocide City, and, at least on normal mode, is the most difficult boss in the game. She cannot be fought on Bad Heart mode, and so Bad Heart Terrah Horton is probably harder than Andrea is on normal mode.

She has extremely difficult attacks, requiring a great deal of precision, reflex, and trial-and-error to avoid. She also must be fought with the level 1 Kleure, because she appears quite early in the game.

She has 280 HP, all of which is a single phase.

Selenic Shadow

Andrea reappears in Selenic Shadow as a friendly NPC.


  • All of Andrea's attacks are blue, similarly to Terrah Horton who uses red attacks and The Mossmouth who uses green attacks.
  • After losing to her three times in a row, her dialogue will change and she will remark "Ya look a bit frustrated" on any further attempts.
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