Alexis Joan Flamberge is a character in Lunar Shadow, having first appeared in version 3a. She is the sister of the Castle Master, Aidan Flamberge, and is fought twice in the game.


Alexis has brown, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin.


Alexis' attire consists of a blue, sleeveless top worn underneath a lavender-colored corset. She wears an azure, sleeveless coat of some kind over that, which almost reaches her ankles. She also wears blue jeans and light blue tights with blue pumps. She wears a pair of yellow rubber gloves on her hands, and blue armbands over her elbows. She finishes her outfit with a straw hat.

Other Information

She is referred to as "the dreaming lass" by some of the tablets within the castle. She also has the ability to create a harmful aura.


Lunar Shadow

Alexis is first met in the Servant Quarters, where she is battled for the first time; after this battle, she leaves.

She is later met in the Tower throne room, where the second battle begins; she uses her aura here. If she is battled before Shinica and Luna, the boss fight against them are skipped and Alexis reveals that Shinica is a Horton. After the battle against Alexis, her throne's death trap is activated and she dies due to the aura.

It is possible to save her from dying due to the use of her aura, by giving her a Cure-All; she then appears in Top Floor where she reveals more information.


  • During the first battle against Alexis, it is possible to defeat her by standing on the uppermost block at the right of the room; Alexis is unable to hit Serenity there.
  • Her family's surname is the name of a one-handed sword (with a curvy patterned blade).
  • Interacting with Alexis just before the boss fight (at the middle of the throne) will reveal an Old Key, apparently hidden in her shoe.
  • Much like Aidan, she's also based off a member from Vresun. However, she has ties to Kim instead of Shane.
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